What is a good time to set for notifications?

Well, the best time to set a notification is when a) you will be awake and b) 4 hours later, your contacts will be awake.  We do not recommend setting a check in for 10pm – the window to check in is 4 hours so your alarm text will be sent to your contacts at 2am.  Most people are not awake and looking at their phones at 2am so it would be potentially several hours later that this notification would be noticed and read and acted upon so plan accordingl

Do I have to use someone I know for a Contact to be notified

No, but you need to have a cell number that can receive texts. For example:  If you live in an apartment complex, if the Leasing Office has a phone number that receives text messages, you may be able to use that, however, be sure to verify that they are able to receive your messages and will act upon the

Is this an Emergency app?

NO. This is not an emergency app – this is for routine check-ins for people that live alone without severe heath issues.  As we have all heard a bazillion times, “If you are experiencing a health emergency, hang up and dial 911”

What if I drown my phone?

You can borrow your besties phone for a few and login and pause until the crisis has passed